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Reliable Managed File Transfer

Robo-FTP Configurator

Robo-FTP is an automated secure FTP client that enables you to manage file transfers and related tasks simply and reliably. Robo-FTP was first released in January 2001 and is currently in use at tens of thousands of sites world-wide, performing business-critical processes around the clock.

In a crowded field of secure FTP client products, Robo-FTP remains the choice of busy IT Professionals who need to deploy and maintain processes quickly and with a minimum of effort.

Support and Service

Robo-FTP is directly supported by our employees in the United States, so when you need help you will be communicating directly with support engineers with deep product knowledge and a keen understanding of business process automation. You will never receive canned responses or deal with inexperienced call center operators!

Automate with Precision

Robo-FTP's powerful automation engine gives you the ability to easily automate even the most complex workflows, including robust error handling, reporting, and notification.

Need to monitor a remote directory to download only files that were added since last time you checked, decrypt and rename those files, perform other processing like updating a database—all while re-trying failed connections and downloads and sending email notifications if the failures persist? With Robo-FTP you can do all that and much more!

Easily deploy automated processes that anticipate and handle all the ways things can go wrong (servers going offline, network connections going down, files from remote processes not being ready, etc.). Save valuable resources by replacing brittle processes with Robo-FTP jobs that are truly set-and-forget.

Robo-FTP Console



Built-in scheduler with advanced features like holiday exclusions, multiple calendars per job, user-assignable job groups and more.


SSH (SFTP) and SSL/TLS (FTPS and HTTPS) authentication and encryption, PGP encryption, AES encryption (via ZIP), CMS/PKCS7 certificate based signing and encryption, and more.

Easy Setup

Script Wizard automates simple tasks without writing a single line of code. Script Editor includes syntax highlighting and context sensitive help. Help file includes extensive examples -- automate complex workflows by simply copying and pasting.

Efficient File Management

Automatically tracks transfer history so you can upload/download only files that are new/changed since your job last ran.


Flexible script language with over 150 commands covering uploading, downloading, syncing, monitoring directories, encryption, ZIP, local and remote file management, and more plus sophisticated error handling and notification.


Rest assured that your processes are running reliably with customizable logging and notification via e-mail and text message (SMS).

High Availability / Clustering

Automatically syncs configuration and handles fail-over and load-balancing between multiple servers.

Reliable Transfers

Built-in file integrity checking supporting CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-256, and SHA-512 plus automatic size-stability checking to ensure you do not transfer files that are still being written.


Robo-FTP is built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with existing processes.

  • Support for IPv6 and all widely used file transfer protocols (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, AS2)
  • Control Robo-FTP directly from your application using COM/OLE with C++, VB, C#, etc.
  • Robo-FTP can launch (or be launched by) any other process (batch file, executable, scheduler app, etc.)
  • Pass parameters to your Robo-FTP scripts from the command line and generate custom exit codes to return back to your application, batch file, etc.
  • ODBC support for database access (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
  • Cloud storage service support (Amazon S3, WebDav)

Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework

Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework

Powerful web-based monitoring and management features with a database backend (SQL Server or Oracle).

  • Web-based drag 'n' drop job management and scheduling
  • Granular Active Directory-based permissions for managing access
  • Transactional job architecture recovers automatically from failures and outages
  • Detailed logging and reporting
  • Built-in error handling and notification

The Enterprise Framework adds a whole new layer of control to your Robo-FTP jobs.

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Case Studies

Learn about how other companies have successfully solved typical file transfer and workflow automation challenges with Robo-FTP.


DataTraks specializes in high-tech solutions for the railroad industry. An important part of this involves secure, automated file transfer. They needed a simple, reliable, secure solution for automatically transmitting data from these remote devices to multiple locations for analysis and reporting.

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SourceCorp is one of the largest, most experienced outsourced business process solutions providers in the nation. They needed a simple, reliable, secure solution for automatically transmitting data between customer sites and their datacenter.

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