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About Us

Robo-FTP is brought to you by Serengeti Systems Incorporated, the customer-focused leader in connectivity solutions.

Serengeti Systems is a data communications company specializing in PC-to-mainframe connectivity that was founded in 1986. Our core focus from day one has been secure, automated, reliable PC-based file transfer solutions.

The Serengeti Difference

Serengeti Systems is driven by engineering, not marketing. That means 100% of our product development is geared towards delivering functionality and value, without regard for hype and buzz-words. We know that our customers favor rock-solid reliability and stability over bells and whistles. We deliver the tools IT Professionals count on to get the job done quickly, and reliably.

Support You Can Count On

Robo-FTP and Robo-FTP Server are supported by our engineering staff in Austin, TX. That means you will never have to navigate through multiple layers of support before you can communicate with somebody that really knows what they are doing. You will never have to deal with a call center half-way around the world.

Going the Distance, Together

All products are developed and continuously enhanced in partnership with our core customers, using the direct feedback we get on a daily basis. You can count on Robo-FTP to grow with you and add the new technologies and features you need.

A key competitive advantage we offer is the ability to effectively work with our customers to translate business requirements into technical requirements, and technical requirements into tested, reliable, deployed solutions.

This approach has lead to long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Many of our customers have been working with Serengeti Systems for decades.

Need help figuring out where to start?

Our sales staff is available to answer product questions and help you determine if Robo-FTP is a good match for your project.

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