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SourceCorp automates data transfers with Robo-FTP

When SourceCorp needed to ensure customer data was moved securely and reliably, they turned to Robo-FTP.


SourceCorp is one of the largest, most experienced outsourced business process solutions providers in the nation.

Their solutions help customers improve profitability by streamlining business processes. An important part of this involves file transfer – moving large amounts of customer data securely, reliably, and automatically.

SourceCorp needed a simple, reliable, secure solution for automatically transmitting data between customer sites and their datacenter.

Senior Network Engineer Scott Martin explains how they selected a file transfer solution:

We needed a simple to use, yet robust automated SFTP/FTP transfer application, to facilitate data transfers, both to and from our customers.

A colleague had used Robo-FTP before, and recommended it.


Robo-FTP is built from the ground up to work completely unattended. It supports all the industry-standard file transfer protocols (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS). Most importantly, Robo-FTP has been proven in tens of thousands of business-critical applications since its initial release in January 2001 and builds on the heritage of file transfer automation solutions from Serengeti Systems Incorporated since 1986.


SourceCorp was able to get up and running quickly, using Robo-FTP for daily automated SFTP file transfers. Two years later, Robo-FTP is still getting the job done. Scott says:

Robo-FTP has met all of the challenges we face with our automated FTP delivery requests. The simple to use scripting module, combined with Robo-FTP’s reliability, has made a world of difference in our ever increasing need to meet our customer’s data transfer requirements.

Overall, I have had a very positive experience using Robo-FTP, and would recommend its use to anybody.

About SourceCorp

SourceCorp is one of the largest, most experienced outsourced business process solutions providers in the nation. Their services include document imaging, digital transformation of accounts payable invoices, day-forward and backfile scanning conversions and document management services. Their SmartAP Service eliminates the need for manual data entry of invoices. The results are immediate cost reductions associated with manual invoice entry.

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