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DataTraks uses Robo-FTP to help improve their customers’ bottom line

When DataTraks needed to ensure customer data was moved securely and reliably, they turned to Robo-FTP.


DataTraks specializes in high-tech solutions for the railroad industry. An important part of this involves secure, automated file transfer.

Their solutions help customers improve profitability and streamline maintenance by monitoring track conditions in remote locations.

DataTraks needed a simple, reliable, secure solution for automatically transmitting data from these remote devices to multiple locations for analysis and reporting.

Jim Bilodeau explains how they selected a file transfer solution:

Our criteria were pretty simple. We needed a solution that was stable and mature that we could trust to work 24/7 without any human intervention. It needed to support the secure file transfer protocols (SFTP, FTPS) that are industry standard, and it needed the flexibility to allow us to automatically send to multiple locations with error handling to recover from anything that goes wrong.

It was also important to us to find a vendor that was firmly established and that we could count on to be there supporting their product years down the road.


Robo-FTP is built from the ground up to work completely unattended. It supports all the industry-standard file transfer protocols (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS). Most importantly, Robo-FTP has been proven in tens of thousands of business-critical applications since its initial release in January 2001 and builds on the heritage of file transfer automation solutions from Serengeti Systems Incorporated since 1986.


Three years later, Robo-FTP is still getting the job done. Jim says:

Robo-FTP’s script language made it easy to automate our process with all the error-handling we needed. Most importantly, it “just works.” We wanted something that would integrate easily with our existing process and that we could truly “set and forget.” That’s what Robo-FTP does well. It does its job simply and reliably and lets us focus on taking care of our customers.

About DataTraks

DataTraks is a provider of engineering and software solutions for companies around the world, including the United States, China and South Africa. DataTraks specializes in serving the railroad, mining and manufacturing industries.

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