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Workflow Automation Solutions

Workflow Automation Solutions

Serengeti Systems delivers powerful workflow automation solutions with Robo-FTP

Most customers looking for workflow automation solutions feel stuck between two extremes -- expensive Enterprise-level solutions that are overkill for their needs, or automation utilities that are affordable but lack the flexibility and power to get the job done.

Robo-FTP bridges that gap by helping customers deploy simple, reliable, and affordable workflow automation solutions that integrate tightly with existing processes at a price point to meet any budget.

The core of Robo-FTP is a simple, powerful automation engine that enables you to manage file transfers and also handle many related tasks such as:

  • PGP encryption and decryption
  • ZIP and un-ZIP
  • File system operations like move, copy, and delete
  • Renaming files
  • Email notification
  • Updating a database (such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.)

See a more complete list of features here: features.