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Using SFTP

Using SFTP

Using SFTP to automate secure file transfers with Robo-FTP is easy

More and more, companies are using SFTP instead of FTP for managing file transfers. Using SFTP offers two key benefits over FTP:

  • Security -- Using SFTP ensures better security because all data is encrypted in transit
  • Easier firewall administration -- SFTP uses only one port (port 22, by default) as opposed to FTP, which uses two ports (one for the control channel and one for the data channel).

Fortunately, Robo-FTP makes using SFTP easy. Simply choose SFTP from the list of available protocols in the Site Manager. You can use all the same commands for uploading and downloading files using SFTP as you would use with any of the protocols supported by Robo-FTP (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS).

This video demos shows how easy it is to automate an SFTP file transfer: Script Demo.