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NCR POS Systems

There are circumstances where a store using an NCR POS system on one network wants to make POS data available to a store manager’s PC that is at the same physical location, but is on a separate network.

Robo-FTP offers an off-the-shelf solution that reliably and securely syncs the POS data between the two systems.


  • Reliability - Robust error handling enables Robo-FTP to recover from network outages, power failures, etc.
  • Accountability - Built-in customizable logging ensures your ability to audit all your file transfers.
  • Security - All data is sent encrypted using SFTP and does not require opening ports on the firewall for the network on which the POS system resides. Also, data is sent directly between the two systems without being routed through any third-party servers.
  • Simplicity - The solution is easy to deploy to a large number of machines and requires no specialized training.


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