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Automation Reduces Costs

More and more, healthcare organizations are learning the benefits of automating processes that manipulate and move data around their organization, and between organizations. Tremendous cost reductions are being achieved at every endpoint – insurance companies, providers, clearinghouses, etc.

HIPAA and Related Regulations Require Effective Security

Much of the data that needs to be moved is sensitive (patient information, financial transactions, etc.). Strict regulations such as HIPAA require that this data be handled securely, and in a way that is trackable.

Robo-FTP Has You Covered

Robo-FTP provides simple, reliable automation with bullet-proof security that fits any budget.


  • Reliability - Robust error handling enables Robo-FTP to recover from network outages, power failures, etc.
  • Accountability - Built-in customizable logging ensures your ability to audit all your file transfers
  • Integration - Robo-FTP is designed to tie together existing processes seamlessly
  • Efficiency - Robo-FTP is easy to deploy and maintain so you can focus on your business


Robo-FTP does more than just file transfers. It can also automate many related tasks to create a smooth, reliable workflow. Here is a sample of the built-in features included in Robo-FTP:

  • PGP encryption
  • ZIP
  • Email notification (SMTP)
  • Email monitoring (POP)
  • Database access via ODBC (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
  • File move / copy / delete
  • Read / write text files

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