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Covisint provides the leading cloud engagement platform for creating and enabling new mission-critical external business processes. Their solutions enable organizations to connect, engage, and collaborate with the critical external audiences that define their success – including customers, business partners, and suppliers. Covisint enables its customers to establish the kind of secure, reliable, integrated and engaging information experiences that people everywhere have come to expect.

Covisint enables you to connect with trading partners from your behind-the-firewall applications by securely exchanging documents (typically EDI files but other formats are possible) via FTP secured with SSL.

Robo-FTP provides all the functionality needed to implement a secure, reliable, automated connection to Covisint using FTP secured with SSL (aka Implicit FTPS). Non-EDI files may be transferred with the “quote routing” feature.

Covisint Setup Wizard

Robo-FTP takes all the guesswork out of setting up your connection to Covisint. Just download and launch the custom Covisint Setup Wizard and answer a few basic questions. Robo-FTP takes care of the heavy lifting, including running a loop-back test to verify connectivity and setting up a hot send folder where all files dropped in that folder are automatically uploaded to Covisint.

Covisint Setup Wizard Screenshot

Try It Now

Download the Robo-FTP Covisint Setup Wizard today for a free 30-day trial. Click the link below to download now.

Download the Robo-FTP Covisint Setup Wizard

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