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CommerceHub® is the industry‚Äôs leading provider of supply chain solutions for multi-channel eCommerce merchants. Their ONE Connection® Platform provides seamless integration for any organization, regardless of internal systems or capabilities, to connect to all of its trading partners by securely exchanging documents (typically EDI and XML, but also using other custom file formats) via FTP.

Robo-FTP provides all the functionality needed to implement a secure, reliable, automated connection to CommerceHub using FTP and PGP.


  • Simplicity - Robo-FTP automates the entire setup process so no knowledge of PGP or FTP is required
  • Reliability - Robust error handling enables Robo-FTP to recover from network outages, power failures, etc.
  • Accountability - Built-in customizable logging ensures your ability to audit all your file transfers
  • Integration - Robo-FTP is designed to tie together existing processes seamlessly
  • Efficiency - Robo-FTP is easy to deploy and maintain so you can focus on your business


Robo-FTP does more than just file transfers. It can also automate many related tasks to create a smooth, reliable workflow. Here is a sample of the built-in features included in Robo-FTP:

  • PGP encryption
  • ZIP
  • Email notification (SMTP)
  • Email monitoring (POP)
  • Database access via ODBC (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
  • File move / copy / delete
  • Read / write text files

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