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Chrysler EBMX

Chrysler’s e-Business Messaging Exchange (EBMX) enables the exchange of documents (typically EDI and XML) between Chrysler and their trading partners.

Robo-FTP provides all the functionality needed to implement a secure, reliable, automated connection to Chrysler EBMX using HTTPS.


  • Reliability - Robust error handling enables Robo-FTP to recover from network outages, power failures, etc.
  • Accountability - Built-in customizable logging ensures your ability to audit all your file transfers
  • Integration - Robo-FTP is designed to tie together existing processes seamlessly
  • Efficiency - Robo-FTP is easy to deploy and maintain so you can focus on your business


Robo-FTP does more than just file transfers. It can also automate many related tasks to create a smooth, reliable workflow. Here is a sample of the built-in features included in Robo-FTP:

  • PGP encryption
  • ZIP
  • Email notification (SMTP)
  • Email monitoring (POP)
  • Database access via ODBC (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
  • File move / copy / delete
  • Read / write text files

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