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Secure ftp power tools

Robo-FTP + Robo-FTP Server

Powerful utilities for
busy IT Professionals.

Robo-FTP Server
Robo-FTP Configurator

Secure FTP Client

Robo-FTP is a secure file transfer client (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Amazon S3) that utilizes a powerful script language with over 150 commands for automating file transfers with remote servers and related tasks like PGP, ZIP, local and remote file management like copy, delete, move, rename, and more. Launch jobs from the command line, built-in scheduler, 3rd party schedulers or control Robo-FTP from your own program with COM/OLE. Detailed logging, error handling, and notification options give you total control.

Robo-FTP is the smart choice for users who need to deploy and maintain processes quickly and with a minimum of effort.

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Secure FTP Server

Robo-FTP Server is a simple secure FTP Server (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS) with flexible authentication and user management options for enabling remote users to upload/download files. Use Server Event Scripts to automate tasks based on events that happen on the server like logon/logoff, upload/download, etc. using Robo-FTP Server includes Robo-FTP's powerful script engine.

Robo-FTP Server is the smart choice for users that want a secure server with automation that is easy to deploy, configure, and administer.

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Robo-FTP Server