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Automate Secure File Transfer with Robo-FTP | FTPS Command

Script-driven Secure File Transfer

Robo-FTP® offers automated secure FTP file transfers with FTPS command control and more for the power and flexibility you need.

To automate secure file transfer, Robo-FTP is designed to perform the same or similar FTP file transfers on a repeated or scheduled basis through the use of FTP script files. Robo-FTP script files, similar to batch files, are built from the 100+ commands that make up the Robo-FTP script language. Robo-FTP supports FTPS command control (SSL), SFTP (SSH), PGP encryption, ZIP / UNZIP, and more to give you script-driven power and flexibility to automate even the most complex workflows.

Your automated FTP script can run from a command prompt or a desktop icon. It can also be scheduled to start automatically or run continuously as a Windows service.