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FTP File Transfer Client

Robo-FTP, the automated FTP File Transfer Client

An FTP file transfer client is an essential part of the IT Professional's toolbox. Robo-FTP is a full-featured FTP file transfer client that can be used to automate file transfers and related workflows.

A typical FTP file transfer client provides a graphical interface for manually uploading and downloading files. Some even offer rudimentary automation, such as recording a file transfer session which you can re-play to automate a file transfer.

Robo-FTP is an FTP file transfer client that is built from the ground up to be automated, giving you the control you need to automate workflows exactly the way you need. Robo-FTP's powerful error handling enables you to recover from all the many ways a session can fail so you can be sure your automation process will have bullet-proof reliability.

Robo-FTP offers:

  • Secure SSL (FTP, HTTP) and SSH (SFTP) connections *plus* built-in PGP encryption and decryption.
  • Sending and receiving of e-mail messages under script control.
  • Advanced scheduling and a customized script file editor.
  • COM/OLE automation permitting programmatic control.
  • Plus many more advanced features.