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Enterprise managed file transfer

Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework
Robo-FTP + Robo-FTP Server

Managed File Transfer
for the Enterprise.

Robo-FTP Server Enterprise
Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework

Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework

Powerful web-based monitoring and management features with a database backend (SQL Server or Oracle).

  • Web-based drag 'n' drop job management and scheduling
  • Granular Active Directory-based permissions for managing access
  • Transactional job architecture recovers automatically from failures and outages
  • Detailed logging and reporting
  • Built-in error handling and notification

The Enterprise Framework adds a whole new layer of control to your Robo-FTP jobs.

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Robo-FTP Server Enterprise

Robo-FTP Server (Enterprise Edition) is a simple secure FTP Server (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS) with flexible authentication and user management options for enabling remote users to upload/download files. Use Server Event Scripts to automate tasks based on events that happen on the server like logon/logoff, upload/download, etc. using Robo-FTP Server includes Robo-FTP's powerful script engine.

Enable users to upload/download files through a customizable web interface. Folder sharing support enables password-less access to specific folders on the server using a secret URL with automatic end-to-end encryption.

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Robo-FTP Server

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