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Automate FTP SSL File Transfer

Automate FTP SSL file transfer with Robo-FTP

FTP secured with SSL (also known as FTPS) is a widely-used method of moving data. Historically, businesses have had to rely on hard-to-maintain DOS batch files, Perl scripts, and custom applications to automate this type of FTP SSL file transfer.

More and more, Robo-FTP is the tool of choice for IT professionals looking to replace these outdated, patched-together solutions. Robo-FTP was designed for unattended operation and features a powerful and flexible, yet easy-to-learn, script language to automate FTP SSL file transfer and other file management related tasks.

Robo-FTP offers:

  • Secure SSL (FTP, HTTP) and SSH (SFTP) connections *plus* built-in PGP encryption and decryption.
  • Sending and receiving of e-mail messages under script control.
  • Advanced scheduling and a customized script file editor.
  • COM/OLE automation permitting programmatic control.
  • Plus many more advanced features.