Introducing Robo-FTP®  

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Introducing Robo-FTP®  


Robo-FTP is a powerful script-driven FTP client for automating unattended file transfers between your PC and remote sites. Robo-FTP supports standard (non-secure) FTP connections, secure SFTP (FTP + SSH) connections, FTPS (FTP + TLS) connections, and HTTP/HTTPS connections.


Under the control of its powerful scripting language, Robo-FTP can be directed to connect with one or more remote sites, send and receive files, and recover from errors at any time of the day or night. You could start with the Script File Wizard or learn the scripting language by customizing the included sample command scripts to satisfy your specific requirements.


Developers can also use the COM/OLE interface to control Robo-FTP from external applications. Sample software is provided to guide your programming efforts with source code written in C++, Visual Basic 6, C#, VB.NET, and VBScript.


Although Robo-FTP’s design is centered around the execution of command scripts, the product also includes a simple but capable FTP client applet. This applet is not intended to replace other more functional products but it can be an invaluable tool while developing and testing Robo-FTP command scripts. The applet is useful for interactively determining the operation of a remote site in order to develop a command script that precisely mimics the steps that would otherwise require a human operator.


Robo-FTP creates a detailed log file stamped with the system date and time of each step of a file transfer session. Each activity is immediately written to the log file so it is always up to date - even if your system loses power or crashes.


In summary, Robo-FTP has been designed from the ground up as an unattended file transfer package. Many popular FTP packages are designed for attended operation. They are excellent if you are there to drive but often come up short if you require unattended operation. For those times, there is Robo-FTP.



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Robo-FTP® is a Registered Trademark of Serengeti Systems Incorporated.