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The FAQ list is a great starting point for basic questions about what you can do with Robo-FTP.

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Our searchable knowledge base covers most of the common errors and implementation problems you are likely to encounter.

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Getting Started

Browse these tutorials and sample scripts to get up and running with Robo-FTP in minutes.

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Product Manual

Browse the online version of the Help file which is installed with Robo-FTP.

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If you can't find the answers you need online, get in touch with our Technical Support staff.

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Professional Services

Need more than basic technical support? Our Professional Services team can help you deploy a complete solution.

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Technical Support vs Professional Services

To help meet the needs of all customers, Serengeti Systems Incorporated offers both Technical Support and Professional Services. Technical Support is included in the price of a Robo-FTP or Robo-FTP Server software license and may be renewed annually for a nominal fee. Professional Services, on the other hand, is billed at an hourly rate. The purpose of this article is to help explain the difference between these two services.

Technical Support

Technical Support provides access to software updates, including critical security patches and bug fixes, as well as assistance with using the software.

Technical Support is your first line of help for understanding and using Robo-FTP and Robo-FTP Server. The process generally involves opening a ticket using our Technical Support Wizard and interacting with our support team via email. Enterprise licenses also include access to phone support.

With Technical Support, you are in the driver’s seat. It is expected that you will use the included resources (Help file, knowledge base, tutorials, sample scripts, etc.) to learn the basics of how to use Robo-FTP. Our support team is available to help you along the way, answering specific questions, reviewing logs to troubleshoot issues, providing basic guidance on deployment strategy, etc.

Professional Services

Professional Services picks up where Technical Support leaves off. For some customers, this means hands-on, personalized training. However, most customers use Professional Services for implementation and deployment. You can provide a description of what you want to accomplish and our team will design a solution, deploy it, and test it for you. This can include interacting directly with trading partners on your behalf. It’s an excellent option for customers that are short on time or staff and want to offload the setup work to our team.

Professional Services is great for cases where you want our engineer to take the driver’s seat. They can remotely access your system, install and activate the software, configure it for you, write scripts (or perform code review or modify your existing scripts), integrate with other systems, perform trouble-shooting for you, etc.

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