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Robo-FTP is available in Standard, XE, and Enterprise editions. Our product guide helps explain the differences in pricing, features, and support terms.

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Serengeti Systems Incorporated places a high value on its relationships with OEMs, resellers, or anybody else that is looking to make Robo-FTP a central part of their infrastructure by deploying Robo-FTP on a large scale. We offer two basic pricing models to give you flexibility in ordering.

Bulk Pricing

Discounts are calculated according to the quantity of licenses in each order. The bulk pricing model offers the largest discounts, although it requires more of an investment up-front.

Cumulative Pricing

Discounts are calculated according to the quantity of licenses ordered so far without regard for the number of licenses in any particular order, subject to some minimum quantity per order. Discounts are low for earlier orders and increase substantially for later orders. The cumulative pricing model offers a significant average discount per license over the long term without requiring a large initial investment.

Please contact Sales by e-mail at , or by phone at (512) 345-2211, option 1 for help determining which pricing model best meets your requirements.

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