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Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework

Robo-FTP Framework (available with Enterprise Edition) makes it easy to monitor and manage a large number of Robo-FTP jobs. The Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework helps you harness the power of the Robo-FTP scripting language by providing a standard set of scripts that covers the kinds of things most customers need to do. You automate your tasks by configuring “jobs” which are made up of one or more “steps,” where each step covers some basic chunk of functionality like compressing, encrypting, uploading, sending notification, etc. The pre-built scripts handle all the heavy lifting like error handling and storing state so they can recover from catastrophic failure (power loss, etc.). The framework also includes a web-based UI and database back-end which you can use to monitor and manage all your jobs (including scheduling).

Job Management

Job List screen

Job List screen
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The Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework web UI gives you total control over all your Robo-FTP jobs. You can remotely create, edit, and delete jobs and control job execution with start / stop / suspend functionality.

Job Scheduler screen

Job Scheduler screen
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Job Scheduler

The Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework includes a built-in full-featured scheduler for managing jobs.

Job Definition

Dashboard main screen

Job Configuration screen
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Jobs are made up of steps where each step covers some basic chunk of functionality. We include a bundle of built-in steps that cover what most customers need to accomplish: Compress, Decompress, Decrypt, Encrypt, Monitor, Pull, Push, Retrieval, Deliver, Notify, Name, Validate, etc. However, these steps are simply Robo-FTP scripts which you can use as templates to define your own steps.


Job Details screen

Job Details screen
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All Robo-FTP activity is stored in a SQL Server database to provide fine-grained reporting abilities. Use the Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework web UI to see when jobs ran and see the results of each step.


Job Schedule screen

Job Schedule screen
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One of the serious problems with most automation solutions, whether they are off-the-shelf or home-grown, is the inability to recover gracefully from a power outage or other system failure. Often, files are transferred twice or not at all – and either outcome is potentially disastrous! Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework job steps keep track of state at all times so they can always pick up where they left off after an outage.


See The Framework In Action

Robo-FTP Enterprise Framework provides a simple, powerful platform for managing and monitoring complex workflows without sacrificing any of the power and flexibility of Robo-FTP’s script interface.

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